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Welcome To International College of Surgeons - Indian Section

International College of Surgeons –a World Federation of GENERAL SURGEONS AND SURGICAL SPECIALISTS inc.,was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1935 by Dr Max Thorex MD of the United States. The World head quarters of the ICS is situated in Chicago.

The purpose of the college is to advance the Art and Science of Surgery by bringing together surgeons of recognized professional caliber of all nations without regard to Nationality, Creed or Color facilitating an International exchange of Surgical knowledge and promote expertise.

From this on ICS will strive for consensus in ICS IS conference . The theme for the 63 rd Annual conference of ICS Indian Section will be “Integrating Super specialities to promote Surgical synergy”

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Dr. K. Gopinath

Dr. K.S. Gopinath

MBBS, MS(General Surgery), FRCS(General Surgery), FAMS

Dr. M.S.Senthil kumar

Dr. M.S.Senthil kumar



About ICSIS -

History of Indian Section of the International College of Surgeons

Dr. Max Thorex inspired the surgeons around the World In the year 1946, Dr. K. G. Pandalai, Dr. R. N. Cooper and Dr. A. V. Baliga were in the United States of America, to attend a surgical conference .They obtained a Charter for the establishment of the Indian Chapter of the International College of Surgeons in 1947.

From 1947 to 1955, Dr. K. G. Pandalai held the office of Associate Secretary for the Far East. Dr. R. N. Cooper was the President for the same period and Dr. V. P. Mehta was the Honorary Secretary. Dr. Max Thorex and his team visited India o in 1948 and again in 1954. In the year 1954, a formal constitution was framed and approved by the Executive Council of thee present body.

For twelve years following 1954 ICS Indian section was arranged on the last day of the Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India. In The year 1966 the General Body Meeting at Manipal resolved that from 1967 ICS IS would meet independently and the first meeting was held at Baroda in 1967.

The aims and objects of the Organizations are primarily to promote worldwide camaraderie amongst the surgeons and allied specialists, to promote medical research in all the branches, to finance research inquiries, to endow research Fellowships, to give grants for research and to further the growth of research work in surgery and allied subjects.

The Organization of International College of Surgeons (Indian Section) is managed and controlled by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, President-Elect, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Five Vice-Presidents, all of whom are elected biennially. In addition, there are two senior Fellows as Trustees to guide the activities of the Section.

Annual Conferences are held every year in different States of India - from Kashmir to Kerala and Gujarat to Bengal. In these conferences there are Scientific Sessions consisting of a Symposium, Round Tables, Ginde Memorial Oration, a Guest Lecture from an eminent scientist, etc…etc.

For ensuring scientific activities, five zones are drawn, i.e. North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, Central Zone and West Zone. A Zonal Convener is co-opted in the Executive Committee to stimulate surgical activities. Zonal conferences are also held for the benefit of the surgeons who could not attend the Annual Conference.

The I.C.S (Indian Section) offers grants for research projects, Travelling Fellowships, Visiting Professorship, Best Paper Awards for the Fellow presenting scientific paper in the Annual conference. The I.C.S. conducts for one full day “Continuous Surgical Education Programme” to update the surgical knowledge.

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